Key Ring Remote

To Program:

If your remote has the battery installed already, pull out the plastic tab. If not, install the battery (below). Point the remote at the TV. Hold the mute button. The remote should start blinking rapidly. That means it is scanning. When you see the word "mute" show up on the screen, release the button immediatly. Also works with the power button. It takes a little practice but gets easier every time.


Q: It doesn't work.

A: If it doesn't blink when you push the buttons then return for replacment + return 1st class shipping. If it does blink, it works. The #1 test is to stand 5' from the TV. Aim at the senser and hold the red power button for 2 minutes. See if the TV turns off.


Q: Ok, the power test works but i still can't do it with the mute like the directions say.

A: What is happening when you try the mute button is this. When you are going thru the codes and you have 2 codes back to back, one will "mute" it and the next will "un mute" it so fast the word mute won't even hit the screen. That is a rare thing and to get around that we do it with the power button instead. It is impossible to miss when the tv goes off. You do have tolet go fast to get the correct code though. Once this happens you can turn it back on yourself and continue having fun.


Q: How do i change/install the battery?

A: Just pop it open at the top with your fingernail or a butter knife and slide the battery out. New battery goes in + side face up.


Q: What battery does it take?

A: Standard watch battery CR2032.


Q: I've programmed as instructed and the word "mute" came on the screen but the remote wont do anything else...

A: You didn't release the button fast enough. The remote is locked on another code. You will have to go thru them again. Try it with the power button. Easier to notice the response.


Q: Where can i get a battery?

A: Free replacements, Just pay S&H. Link on KeyRingRemote home page. Or Walmart or Kmart.


Q: Whats the range?

A: I've used them from 30' but it is still only a watch battery. My living room is 20' wide with the couch on one wall and the Hitachi TV opposite, NO problem ever. Some TV's receive better than others.


Q: Although the remote works, it doesn't work from anything farther then 10 feet away. I put a brand new battery in it and it's the same thing.

A: I have had it work at up to 30’ sometimes less. Depends on the strength of the battery and the brand of tv receiving the signal. Some receive better than others. I have a Hitachi and my living room is 20’ wide with the tv on one wall and couch on the opposite wall. Every remote I try works fine.


Q: My remote only blinks spariodically. doesn't seem to work right.

A: Replace the battery.


Q: Doesn't seem to work on my TV.

A: Try standing directly in front about 5' and aim straight at the sensor. Try it with the "power" button. Once you get it, try moving back further.


Q: I saw the word "mute" show upon the screen but the other buttons on the remote don't work.

A: You have the wrong code. Most companies have several different codes for the different models. You have to go thru them again untill you get the correct code. Example: Emerson = 22 different codes, GE = 14 different codes, Hitachi, JVC, Magnovox, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, RCA, Samsung, Sanyo and many others all have over 10 different codes. After a little practice it gets very easy.


Q: My TV brand is not listed on the back of the package.

A: That list is mostly European TV's. A lot of US marketed TV's are not listed. Not a problem. They all still work. I HAVE YET TO FIND A TV THIS DOESN'T WORK ON.... The next time I reprint the packaging I will fix that screwup.


Q: I am still not happy. What is your return/warrenty policy?

A: WE WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY. Out of thousands of sales I have never had a customer actually request a refund.

  1. If your remote doesn't blink at all send it back using first class shipping. We will replace it with a new one and include an extra battery for your inconvienence.
  2. If your remote does blink but you are having problems, send it back and we will test and send a new one. (make sure you try the test above first)


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